The Best Laptops for Cybersecurity and IT Professionals | Buyers Guide 2024

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What Is The Best Laptops For Hacking In 2022

To detect system weaknesses, Ethical Hackers utilize software like password cracking programs, virtual machines, and Kali Linux. To handle a huge volume of data, multitask ability, run a virtual machine, and have strong processing speed, all of these operations demand significant hardware.

Other features a hacker need is good battery life, powerful processor, and better resolution. Failing to meet these specifications can easily disrupt the objective of hacking.

The greatest RAM for a hacking laptop is 16GB. That’s because when you need more capacity, you’ll want a heavy-duty RAM. It should have at least 8GB. Having a RAM of 16-32GB is also fine. So, go for a laptop with 16GB RAM and the option to expand it to 32 GB if necessary.

If you don’t have enough money for 16 GB of memory or 512 GB of storage, make sure your laptop has a feasible upgrade path so that it doesn’t become obsolete in a few years. Because you want to spend in a device that will last you a long time, having a good upgrade path is critical.

Last but not least, we’d want to talk about MacBooks. The debate over MacOS vs Windows vs LINUX is a heated one, and it all comes down to personal taste. They’re fantastic machines, but they’re also rather expensive! If you have a limited budget, a Windows laptop is an excellent option.

You’ll need SSD 250GB storage for data sets and applications now. However, you don’t require a lot of Storage space, and 250GB should sufficient.

If you want to use ‘brute force’ hacking, a 4GB graphics card is required. A regular graphic card with 2GB will work if you don’t intend to do this. Another essential feature is the device’s longevity. Make sure your laptop has light bezels and is lightweight. Also, make sure the device’s chassis is in good shape.

The charge time and the battery timing must both be appropriate for your long-term job. For a hacking-related charge, you’ll at least need 8 hours of battery time.

Now, check out the best devices you will need for hacking purposes.

Buying Guide For Best Laptops For Hacking

It’s not surprising if you want to be a hacker in this day and age of ultimate technology and jacked-up brains. However, it is critical to understand and practice the skills. These days, an ethical hacker is rewarded since he or she hacks the system in order to find flaws. His major responsibility is to break into websites with various issues.

Hiring them is a common practice among firms and individuals when a hacker illegally breaches their channel or project. These, on the other hand, are known as black hat hackers. As there are three sorts of hackers, I’d like to make it clear that my focus is on ethical hackers. You must understand that black hacking is unlawful, whereas white hat hacking is an element of ethical hacking.

However, to be an ethical hacker, you will need access to several paid hacking tools as well as a high-end computer in addition to your practice. You may look for the tools online, but for the system I’ll show you where to go. This is a comprehensive list of the best laptops for hacking.

Check out the details of the hacking laptop’s features you need to check before you buy.

Laptop’s Memory you Need

For a good hacking laptop, you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM for your hacking activities. However, it’s only for the sake of explanation. It will aid in your learning and/or the initial steps of your project.

But, for more intricate tasks, you’ll need at least 16GB of RAM. It may also be upgraded later. Now that I’ve introduced you to some hacking laptops, let me offer you some advice about RAM upgrades.

Laptop Performance

The next most crucial thing is laptop performance. The primary role of your laptop depends on the processor. If you are going to manage heavy-duty tasks, you must have the latest processor.

Any core i3 CPU will not suffice for ethical hacking. Because hacking is a time-consuming process, you’ll need a core i7 CPU instead. Furthermore, this task may be carried out on a gaming laptop.

A Good Drive

It’s great to have a quick and efficient drive if you have to complete a major job. For example, if you want to crack a password, you’ll need software. And there will be a password database on your device that you’ll need to access.

If you want to get the database quicker, you’ll need to enable the software. The SSD will aid you in this endeavor and will also allow you to crack passwords. Now that I’ve introduced you to laptops with a high-performance SSD, let me tell you about those with an HDD.

Portable device

A portable laptop should be your first choice when it comes to hacking. Because, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll be in danger. So, regardless of what activities you do, make sure your device has portable components. A transportable body is also required. So, let me show you some of the greatest devices available that are mobile.

Battery life

This is the alternative you should never take for granted. That’s because when doing your hacking work, you need flawless performance. Battery timing is, of course, required for that purpose. As a result, always pick a laptop with the appropriate battery timing and one that lasts longer.

A graphic card

Graphics capability is also a critical aspect. If you’re using a gaming laptop for hacking, make sure you have a high-performance GPU. The minimum amount required is 2GB.

However, if you’re planning on performing brute-force hacking with your laptop, this card isn’t enough. A 4GB graphics card is recommended at the very least. With any tools, you’ll be able to utilize your system for any hacking job. Let’s look at some of the best laptops with smart graphics cards now.

Laptop weight

When purchasing the finest laptop, don’t overlook the weight. It’s one of several things to consider while looking for a computer. That is because you won’t be working in the same place all of the time.

You’ll require a location change for freshness. When you’re busy hacking, you need something new and refreshing to counteract the monotony of it all. As a result, you move about for refreshment and relief. However, if your system is cumbersome, picking it up will feel like carrying a whole computer system on your back.

If you must carry it, this will be inconvenient and fatiguing. So make sure you look at the laptop’s weight in addition to all of the other factors.

Choosing brands

These days, customers are more interested in the internal components of a laptop rather than the brand. However, it is one thing that you must keep in mind while buying. That’s because each brand has its own set of characteristics and requirements.

Because you’ll be using this computer for many years to come, always go with a brand when purchasing a laptop. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Acer are among the most well-known and trustworthy brands available. You may check prices on Amazon for these firms’ both business and gaming laptops. These companies also produce workstations as well as gaming laptops under these names.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a hacking laptop. These are some key hints and characteristics to remember while making your purchase. I’ll go through the most common questions and provide answers below.

1. How to choose the best laptop for ethical hacking?

If you’re looking for an ethical hacking computer, you’ll need to consider the following characteristics. Your basic requirement for a hacking laptop should be 8GB RAM.

However, this is simply for convenience’s sake. You can accomplish any rudimentary activity, such as using MS Word or playing card games. However, it will not offer you a high-end performance.

So, for detailed work, you will need 16GB RAM at least. Also, it’s even good if you buy a laptop with upgrading option.Now, this is not all you have to take care of some other aspects as well.

The most significant aspect of them is their laptop performance. The processor is the most important element in high-end performance. If you have to undertake demanding tasks, your processor must be the newest available.

 For ethical hacking, you cannot go with a Core i3 processor at all. Instead, buy a system with a Core i7 processor because hacking is a work of multiple tools and software.

Also, you can do hacking on any of your gaming laptops. And mostly, the latest gaming systems are coming with an i7 or an i5 processor. You must have good hard drive to handle your heavy-duty task.

Let’s assume you’re trying to break a password and your device doesn’t have one. And, to crack passwords, you’ll need a program that works on your specific system.

When you upgrade to Windows 10, your existing system will be preserved by the operating system. It’s important that you back up your data before upgrading. When you run the drill again with a fresh installation of Windows 7 or 8, it is possible that accessing documents on networked computers in Homegroup would be faster than before since Microsoft has improved its file management features. The SSD will assist you here in retrieving the database quicker after putting in the software. As a result, after that time period has elapsed, working on cracking passwords may be faster than previously. This is how SSD helps you out.

The second step after SSD is mobility. You can’t afford to make any sacrifices in that area. Whether you need it for gaming, hacking, or office work, having a portable laptop should be your top concern.

Because at this point you will be at risk if you don’t care. Also, a able body is necessary with portable internals.

This is the option that you should never take for granted since you don’t want to wear a mourning system with an ugly body. That’s because when you’re hacking, you need flawless performance.

Battery timing is, of course, necessary for that purpose. And sadly, many famous brands also ignore this vital feature.

Except for the fact that many laptops available on the market have a long battery life, no laptop comes close to this one in terms of functionality. So, when deciding between models, always look for one with the appropriate battery timing and endurance.

When discussing gaming laptops, the topic of a graphics card cannot be avoided. A decent graphics card is also a vital component of the gaming system.

If you’re working on one such system for hacking, you’ll need a decent card. Whether you intend to use it for gaming or business, a minimum of 2GB is required. If you must work on brute-force hacking, this 2GB card will not suffice. For hacking, at least a 4GB graphics card is required.

While buying the best laptop, you have to take notice of the weight it has. It is one crucial thing to remember while finding a computer.

That’s because being a pro gamer or professional worker, you will take it anywhere. You will need to change the place wherever you go. But, if your system is heavy, holding it will be like holding a whole office in your hands. But, many people ignore this point and end up buying a bulky machine. So, It is one crucial thing that you must keep in mind.

There are a few essential characteristics that you have to remember while buying a hacking device.

In today’s world, information security—also known as cybersecurity—demands the best tools. And that includes laptops. After all, cybersecurity professionals need laptops that can handle everything from programming languages to password cracking and data analysis. Not to mention running virtual machines and monitoring network traffic. Of course, finding the right laptop for the job can be a challenge—even

Not to mention, many cybersecurity pros also need to be able to run Linux (Ubuntu), operate virtual machines, and monitor network traffic. So, finding the right laptop can be a challenge—even if you know a lot about technology and PC components.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you and put together a list of the best laptops for cybersecurity professionals at every level, from beginner to expert.

For Beginners:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad E15
  • Acer Aspire 5
  • Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Working in cybersecurity requires a laptop that can handle most programming languages and data crunching activities such as password cracking. As well as dual booting Linux (Ubuntu), operating virtual computers, and monitoring network traffic.Finding the appropriate laptop might be challenging even if you know about technology and PC components.

So, after hours of research, here are the top three selections.

The Best Laptops for Cybersecurity Professionals from Beginner to Expert Level

1.   MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)

If you’re looking for the best of the best, it doesn’t get much better than the MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019). This powerhouse laptop from Apple has it all, including a 16 -inch Retina display, a 2.6GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD.

2.   Dell XPS 15 (7590)

If you need a laptop that’s going to be able to handle anything you throw at it, the Dell XPS 15 is a great choice. It’s packing a 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics. Plus, it has a gorgeous 4K UHD OLED InfinityEdge display.

3.   Lenovo ThinkPad P1 (2nd Gen)

The Lenovo ThinkPad P1 (2nd Gen) is a great choice for cybersecurity professionals who need a laptop that’s both powerful and portable. It features a 2.6GHz 8-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics. Plus, it’s only 0.7-inches thick and weighs just 3.8 pounds.

Notable Mentions

Alienware M15 R3

This device, basically checks almost all boxes, starting with magnesium alloy chassis, top of the class keyboard, and high end specifications providing desktop grade performance.

Alienware from Dell is a popular laptop that is very famous among pen testers and is affiliated with the cybersecurity industry. If you’re searching for a high-performance laptop, gaming laptops are typically the most appropriate option. With the Alienware M15 R3, you’ll be able to not only complete your cyber-security-related tasks, but you’ll also be able to engage in other activities. Having CPU 2.6GHz with exceptional RAM of 16GB and Storage capacity upto 512GB SSD. Also comes with Battery timings Up to 6 hours

Please read below for a detailed analysis.

This post will cover the best laptops for cybersecurity professionals under $1,000 as well as the best laptops for information security pros above $1,000. As part of this discussion, we will go through the fundamental components of a decent security laptop and special requirements for ethical hacking laptops.

We understand that not everyone might have the same needs, which is why we’ve divided our picks into two categories: budget and high-end. Our budget pick is the Dell XPS 15, which starts at $949.99, while our high-end pick is the MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019), which starts at $2,399.

If you’re looking for a cybersecurity laptop that won’t break the bank, the Dell XPS 15 is a great choice. It’s packing a 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics. Plus, it has a gorgeous 4K UHD OLED InfinityEdge display.

If you need a laptop that’s going to be able to handle anything you throw at it, the MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) is a great choice. It’s packing a 2.6GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 processor , 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics card to maintain performance on those long AM nights of Digital Forensic analysis.

Continue reading to learn about the greatest alternatives for pen testing laptops, as well as some excellent options for inexpensive pen testing laptops.

Why should you trust us?

We consult with thousands of information security professionals across the world on requirements, costs, performance, and availability. We believe $1,000 to be the standard laptop budget, so we set our parameters according. We’ve tested these computers in our internal Pen testing Lab, and after performing more than 200+ security operations ranging from digital forensics, open-source tool analysis, incident response processes, and virtual scanning.

How to Choose the Best Information Security Laptop?

Cybersecurity Professional Laptops Must Be Compatible w/ Dynamic Operating System Management (Linux, Windows, Mac, and Kali Linux)

 Strong virtualization, Exceptional scanning abilities, Smooth integrations with different crawlers and tools such as

  • Wireshark
  • Metasploit Framework
  • Nmap
  • Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
  • Burpsuite Professionals
  • Long battery life for on-field testing.

Additionally, if you want to have a laptop that is easy to transport, you should look for one that has a streamlined appearance and lightweight. When narrowing our choices, we focused on the laptops that would be most beneficial to cybersecurity professionals. Specifically we focused on the following requirements:

  • A processor powerful enough to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • A minimum of 8GB of RAM
  • A solid state drive (SSD) for quick boot times and fast data access
  • A dedicated graphics card for rendering 3D images and running virtual machines
  • An anti-glare display for working in dimly lit environments

After considering all of these factors, we came up with a list of laptops that we think are the best for cybersecurity professionals.

Dell XPS 15 – Best Overall Laptop for Cybersecurity Pros

How is a laptop used for hacking different from an ordinary laptop?

Laptops are manufactured for common users, while hacking laptops are built to meet the demands of hackers. They need more internal storage and a faster processor than a regular laptop needs.

Are gaming laptops good for hacking?

Yes, gaming laptops have high ram, fast CPU, and good graphic card. This configuration makes it ideal for performing various hacking activities.

Can I use my phone to hack?

Yes, you can use your Android or iOS device to hack if you have the right tools and apps.

What laptops are best for Ethical Hacking?

If you want to do pen testing, you should utilize a laptop computer since the cyber security industry needs that all of its operations and software activities be staged on a laptop or computer. Finding the finest laptop for hacking and pen testing purposes necessitates taking a broad variety of computing factors into consideration. Most importantly what kind of activities will you be performing on your machine. Understanding your expectations of the laptop will help you focus on the specific elements unique to your use-case.

A Web Application Security specialist’s requirements differ considerably from those who perform intensive malware analysis. The best ethical hacking laptop for you will be determined by the tools

A great way to start is by surveying your team or colleagues for their recommendations on the best laptops for pen-testing as well as other digital forensics software needs.

There are several characteristics that distinguish an excellent Pen-testing laptop; nevertheless, breaching a password via brute force is considerably different from developing a web application in a secure coding environment.

How much RAM do I need for cyber security?

When it comes to hacking, the first thing you need to consider is what do you want to hack. Almost every brand utilizes 8GB of RAM in their laptops. So, pick one that works for you. However, if you wish to increase the RAM later on, make sure your device offers this feature.

It’s best to have 16GB RAM since it will allow you to accomplish a lot of things. Later, upgrade this RAM to 32GB and your device will become a monster. Asus VivoBook S15 is one such example of a laptop with 32 GB of RAM.

The iDreamer JX8D is a 12.5-inch laptop with an Intel Core processor and an 8GB RAM, both of which are expandable. The graphics are Intel UHD 620 for this device, which has a 15.6-inch display screen with a 87 percent screen to body ratio. To provide you a panoramic view, the screen has Nano edge bezels.

The HP Spectre x360 features a Core i5 CPU, which is the same as that found in Apple’s MacBook Pro. With 256GB of flash storage and a 1TB hard drive, it delivers lag-free performance. At the end of the day, you get 8 hours of battery life. So, when purchasing any laptop for hacking, make sure to test this gadget.

Is MacBook good for hacking?

There are several opinions about whether MacBooks can be hacked. However, I have a hypothesis for you. For me, if a hacker knows how to utilize Kali Linux software, he is competent with any laptop. So, it ultimately comes down to the skills of the user and not the type of gadget he is using.

The MacBook Pro is a powerful laptop with a fast processor, large screen, and all the features you need for hacking. It also has excellent build quality and a stylish design. However, it is expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives available that offer similar performance.

IOS is completely safe for hackers and does not interfere with any super device. Also, if we conduct a deep study on the Macbook’s operating system, it may simultaneously execute numerous hacking tools.

Most importantly Macbook can manage Kali Linux as a preinstalled hacking tool that comes with more than 600 ethical hacking programs. This software is mainly designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It also has some advanced features that can be used by security professionals, IT administrators, and developers to test the system’s vulnerabilities.

This MacBook has an elegant design, a powerful processor, and a long-lasting battery life. So, in short, it is an ideal laptop for hacking purposes.

Apple computers are capable of running POSIX and UNIX software. It also has the same operating system as other high-end PCs. Furthermore, Apple can update and operate Kali Linux software, as well as Windows operating systems.

There’s a vim text editor that works similarly to Windows and Linux software. If you know how to use it, it will be simpler for you. Any hacking tools or software may be run on the MacBook without issue. As a result, the MacBook will function perfectly for hackers.

Are Chromebooks good for hacking?

The answer is No. Chromebooks are not good for hacking because they are not built for that purpose. They are designed to be simple, lightweight

Chromebooks are not good for hacking because they lack the necessary hardware and software. Without these tools, it is difficult to conduct any hacking activities.

To sum up, the best laptops for hacking are those that offer the necessary hardware and software. These laptops should also be powerful enough to handle the demands of hacking. MacBooks, iMacs, and Windows laptops are all good choices for hacking purposes. However, Chromebooks are not recommended for this purpose.

What language is mostly used by the best hackers?

Learning to speak different languages is essential for hackers since it allows them to understand what tasks they have to accomplish. There are many hacking languages, each intended for a distinct purpose. The Python language, however, is the most well-known of them all.

That is a general language for programming. Hackers use this language to work on Web, GUI, and several other development areas. The best thing about this language is that its syntax is simple.

The next positive element is the wide range of OS modules that function with the native OS. The C language (also known as the mother of all programming languages) follows. This language will assist you if you need to develop more rapid exploits. Hardware, including RAM and other system resources, may be readily altered by any hacker.

This language will be ideal if a hacker wants to reverse engineer applications and software. Then comes SQL, which is a programming language. This language is used to keep track of, arrange, add, modify, remove, or retrieve database data.

It’s very common for hackers to target many types of systems, including ones that use MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL. Any hacker will exploit this language against the SQL in that system.

The hacker uses this language to reach out to the system’s personal information. Furthermore, if a hacker understands this language, he can use databases with precision. JavaScript is then there as well.

Hackers employ this phrase in order to launch internet attacks, such as cross-site scripting. Burp script is one of them. It also aids hackers in web hacking. Web exploitation is aided by this language.

PHP language has given a foundation to the sites like Drupal and WordPress. With this language, a hacker can easily exploit any site and access depreciated libraries easily. This is the best language for hacking websites.

There is a C++ language for hackers if a hacker wants to crack a paid software. That’s because this language removes even the operating system and the trial periods.

It’s also possible to detect and remove this malware using the same process you utilized to detect and remove exfiltration with your antivirus software. This program is often used to steal sensitive data because it allows attackers weak passwords in order to access accounts. It might be installed as a browser plugin or downloaded from various websites, including Adobe’s website. Also, it provides unauthorized access to system resources and passwords. The Java programming language is the most widely recognized language among hackers.

This language helps figure out theft s, creating botnets, and doing violent activities on the system.

Also, by installing Java payloads in the victim’s system, a hacker can crack the password. He can easily access personal data like messages, contacts, and galleries on the phone.

Ruby is also a language that has a similar syntax to Python, but this language is more web-oriented. This language has founded one of the most popular tool, Metasploit.

Perl is a high-level programming language that’s primarily used to write large scripts. Perl is also a hacker’s language, and it’s used for generating exploits and tools. However, because of alternatives like Ruby, it has faded from popularity among hackers.

Bash is a powerful shell used on Linux distributions and Unix. This language is used in conjunction with other languages to enhance payload and exploitation capabilities. These are all significant tools that hackers use.

What is the most essential spec for hacking laptop computers?

For hacking laptops, there is not only one thing to look at. You need to check the following features.

Having a good graphics card is extremely important for a hacking and gaming device, especially if you’re utilizing the best gaming laptop for hacking.

Your minimum requirement must be 2GB. However, to handle a detailed work, go for 4GB card or even more.

For hacking on a laptop, 8GB of RAM is the minimum requirement. This can assist you in learning hacking, but it isn’t required. If you are an expert hacker, you’ll need at least 16GB of RAM. In addition to this, your system should have 32GB beast RAM for performing numerous detailed activities at once. If you have heavy-duty work, you must have the latest processor. For ethical hacking, you can buy any office laptop or gaming laptop with i7 or even i8 processor.

But, if you think you can go with i3 processor, you cannot. So, always try to choose a laptop with i7-i8 processor for your hacking tasks.

These are three main features you need to look at in a hacking laptop.

So, this buying guide will help you get the best device for ethical hacking, and you can efficiently work on any of your favorite laptops.

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